About Us


At Stainless Steel Custom Fabricators, we take pride in creating a aesthetically pleasing finished product with stainless steel.

Commitment to quality, customer service and teamwork is only as good as our people, and in order to grow as a company, we begin with each individual. Our business is based on the concept of long-term customer and employee relationships and continues on with product design, research and development, metal supply and fabrication services, field installation and repairs, as well as preventative maintenance services.

Our Location

We fabricate a wide variety of projects from Residential range hoods, Custom Counter Tops, Custom Sinks, Back Splashes, Corner Guards, Caps and more!


  • Henry Gonzales

    SSCF, Owner/President

    Founded SSCF with his wife in 1988. An expert with 50 yrs industry experience!

  • Lawrence Gonzales

    SSCF, Vice President

    Raised in the MFG industry(Henry’s son), experienced in sales, design & project management.

  • David Harrison

    SSCF, Sales/Engineering

    SSCF Project Manager David has over 30 years experience in metal fabrication, architectural and CNC.

  • Alex Gonzales

    SSCF, Sales/Engineering

    SSCF Project Manager Alex has over 20 years of architectural, commercial and industry experience.

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